emo diary

In late 2016 I started posting snippets from my mid-2000s teen diaries on Twitter. Since then the project has developed into a zine, emo diary, which currently has three issues and has been covered in i-DDazedPopbuzz, Crack Magazine, and Kerrang!.


The zine features longer diary entries, Myspace pages, photos, and other things that capture the mid-2000s emo zeitgeist as well as my own personal experiences.

For the second issue of emo diary, appear offline, I worked with photographer and illustrator Tean Roberts to put together a three-day exhibition, emo diary sleepover.

Recently I put on a reading at Junior High in LA featuring readers like Kreayshawn, Helen Donahue, and Tasbeeh Herwees.

If you want to get in touch to talk about emo diary, email me at marianne.eloise@hotmail.com or emodiary05@gmail.com


You can buy the zine here.

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