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COVER: St Vincent - The Forty Five

COVER: Maggie Rogers - The Forty Five

COVER: Soft Play - DIY

Bright Eyes: "Dudes just don't like our band" - The Forty Five

Self-made millionaires: Joel and Benji MaddenAlt Press

Geoff Rickly talks debut novel - Rock Sound

The Making of Jackass Forever - Total Film

Nicole Richie on her debut album - The Forty Five

COVER: Madison Beer for The Forty Five

Daryl Palumbo on Head Automatica - Kerrang!

Jenny Slate on love, technology and womanhood - Dazed

How Pete Wentz ended up on a track with Lil Peep - VICE

Travie McCoy on going solo, sobriety, and Gym Class Heroes - Vulture

COVER: Fall Out Boy for DIY

Will Gould on sex, death and the rebirth of Creeper - The Forty Five

Yellowcard album story - Rock Sound

Bishop Briggs: "it's terrifying to release something this honest" - Louder

Chloe Moriondo: Pride Cover - Alt Press

COVER: MUNA for Alt Press

Awsten Knight on the dark side of stan culture - Louder

How Caitlin Doughty teaches kids about death - Guardian

Pete Wentz on reinvention, neuroses and success post-emo - Dazed

Nora Vasconcellos on style and scars - Refinery 29

Lizzie Armanto at Vans Park Series - Hypebae

Salem: Will Gould interview - Louder

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo: “It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I’m never going to be a mainstream artist” - The Forty Five

How Justin Courtney Pierre cheated death and fell in love with life again - Louder

God, shame and redemption: how Julien Baker wrote her best album yet - Louder

Will the real Taylor Momsen please stand up? - Louder

Sex, Spongebob and sweaty hands: Inside the wild world of Waterparks fanfiction - Louder

Pete Wentz: Poetry, isolation and how to stay sane during lockdown - Louder

Pete Wentz on reinvention and success post-emo - Dazed

What happened to Kreayshawn? - VICE

How Jimmy Eat World wrote The Middle - Louder

Self-doubt, discovery and survival: inside Jimmy Eat World's new album Surviving - Louder

Adam Lazzara on shaking the shackles of nostalgia - Alt Press

Daniel Handler on writing about sex for teenagers - Dazed

Evanescence's Amy Lee on drama and going back to the past - Dazed

Ezra Koenig breaks down his new Netflix anime - Dazed

Jimmy Eat World on maintaining the vitality of a new era - Alt Press

Rivers Cuomo on dark thoughts, Post Malone, and being prolific - Dazed

The VICE interview: Craig RobertsVICE

The VICE interview: JoJoVICE

How Emo Nite used a cultural revival to kickstart an entire brand - High Snobiety

Erika Lust’s new app is making it easier to talk about kinks and fantasies - Dazed

THERE is the queer collective united by a love of skating - Dazed

Stef Nurding is bridging skateboarding's gender divide - Huck

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